Look Like a Fitness Model

(Without Dieting Like One)

Fitness models seem to have that perfect body - not over the top, but just really fit, healthy, strong, and confident. And you want that too!...

But you have a whole life! You're juggling children & careers and you can't just put it all on hold to do extreme diets and hours of exercise every day - nor do you actually want to do those things (we know we don't!)

But you CAN have an amazing body without sacrificing your health or sanity.

This 14 Day Vegan Challenge will help you start seeing and feeling results quickly, while also showing you a better way to transform your body, your health, and your life. It's the exact blueprint of how we've managed to stay lean while building muscle and getting healthier for the past 8 years as vegans.

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In The Next 14 Days You Can...

  •  Shrink your waistline

  • Drop body fat

  • Decrease bloating

  • Start seeing visible muscle tone

  • Increase your energy levels

  • Clear your brain fog

  • Decrease food guilt & stress

  • Feel more confident in your exercise knowledge & abilities

  • Feel happier and more positive about your ability to finally achieve your goals

  • Gain like-minded friends & support necessary to be consistent long term

And this plan gives you everything you need to do it...

The 14 Day Kickstart Includes:

Done For You Meal Plans

Including recipes AND meal formulas so you determine how much control you want to have over the foods you eat. No more tedious, grueling calorie counting and number crunching to get the result you deserve.

Workout Plans
(gym & home options)

We've got something for everyone by including a gym plan, a home equipment plan, and a bodyweight only workout plan. These are Lockdown-Proof!

Daily Success Checklists

Follow along easily, with printable daily tracking sheets which tell you EXACTLY what you need to do each day. Broken down into simple steps anyone can do.

Look & Feel Better in 14 Days.

14 days of meal plans & workouts for weight loss, building muscle, and to be healthy on a vegan diet. Easy to follow, no complicated calorie counting, no extreme eating styles, only one 60 minute or less workout per day, 2 rest days every week.

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Looking for a Better Way to Get Healthy & Lose Weight?

Our 14 Day VegUp Kickstart is designed for people who are ready for change. This program will give you the tools and support needed to make lasting changes that will transform your life forever.

The best part is that it's not about deprivation or cutting out food groups. It's not about counting calories or spending hours each day working out. Instead, our plan focuses on eating more whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds, while reducing processed foods & animal products. You'll feel better than ever before with increased energy levels and mental clarity as well as weight loss without feeling deprived of anything!

Plus, your coaches & creators of VegUp, Fraser & Lauren Bayley, are busy parents and business owners, just like many of you! We are not fitness models in our 20's whose sole focus is food and spending our days in the gym. We use fitness to fuel our life - our life is not fitness, and yours probably isn't either. We understand that your transformation has to happen over time while still showing up at your job and for your family. That is why we have refined our processes over years to be most efficient.

And if you need some extra motivation along the way, we've got daily checklists, recipes & meal formulas from our experts, workout plans (gym or no gym - so no excuses!), coaches available daily via a private challenge group...we've got everything covered so there's nothing stopping you from achieving success! 

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Key benefits from this challenge


1 - Peak Performance / Mental Clarity.

What if we told you there was a way to improve your brain chemistry, to reduce cravings, improve mood, energy levels & productivity. WHILE getting insane fat loss & muscle growth?

Most programs will get you a short term result that is next to impossible to maintain. The cravings. The burn out. It's real!

This course is all about peak performance. Operating at the highest level you can - and we have the exact blueprint for that.

2 - Unlocking the Fat Loss Gateway.

Think of the workouts & diets you do as you pushing really hard on a locked door. No matter how hard you push, it seems like the door won't budge. Like that stubborn fat loss.

The door is actually locked. Via different hormones. This program gives you the special key to unlock the door. So fat loss comes much easier!

3 - Minimum Effective Dose workouts.

Gone are the days of hours and hours of grueling workouts. Sure we need to train hard, but 99% of people do NOT train smart. As parents and business people we don't even have time for that!

Which is what drove us to seek out more streamlined, strategic methods. Methods that will give you more results in less time.

4 - No more fitness complexity.

It can feel so complicated. So many to-do's. So little time and mental space.

We understand this. So everything we do in this Rapid Course is designed to keep things super simple, reducing stress, frustration and doubt.

5 - Coaches Who Care & Supportive, Non-judgmental Community

We know that, unfortunately, the plant based community online can be a bit "hit or miss". The passion that drives many vegans can come across the wrong way to new or even experienced vegans who don't share all the same views or intensity.

We strictly enforce a "kindness only" attitude within our community. No matter where you are on your journey, you will be accepted and met with only love and support to assist you in your growth.

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If you're frustrated because you have a vision of a fitter, happier version of yourself, but you just can't seem to get there....
If your lack of confidence impacts your relationships, your success, and your overall happiness in life...
If you feel the stress & guilt of missing out on years of your life not living the real you...

Then you can't put this off any longer. You DESERVE to feel good. 

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