Hey! We are Fraser & Lauren Bayley.

Co-creators & founders of VegUp (formerly Evolving Alpha).

We are long time vegan nutritionists & peak performance specialists, entrepreneurs, animal lovers & parents to our amazing, little daughter Zea.

Together we have trained a huge range of people from famous musicians, former Green Beret military, police, high level hedge fund managers, corporate managers, business owners, entrepreneurs, vegan advocates, stay at home parents, grandparents and families wanting to learn the vegan way!

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Fraser was a former butcher back in Auckland, New Zealand before he left the industry to study Nutrition, Human Structure & Function and Personal Training at the University of Auckland and Auckland University of Technology.

Coming from a former life of severe mental health issues, Fraser has spent the past 15 years deeply immersed in psychology & the human mind. Being an INFJ on the Myers-Briggs personality test, he seeks to understand the human mind as much as possible! These concepts are heavily woven into how he teaches their students all around the world.

He enjoys nomadic living & travel in their RV, hiking & outdoors, reading & learning from people from all walks of life.

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Lauren has been a huge animal lover since day one and it ties into all her teachings and philosophies to this very day!

Most likely a big part of the reason the Bayley's also have 4 dogs and 3 cats!

She studied Kinesiology (Human Movement) and Nutrition at LSU which gave her the foundational skills to go on as a vegan nutritionist and transformation coach and to be highly effective at teaching from an optimal health & high performance approach.

She weaves science and practical knowledge with spirituality in a way that deepens peoples value-drivers. This is why our transformations can be so profound, because it is not just a diet. It is upgrading a person's internal systems!

Like Fraser, Lauren also loves to travel nomadically in their RV. Getting outdoors in nature, vlogging, motherhood, raw foods and peace are all parts of what make her tick!

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