3 Steps To Achieving Everything You Want In 2017 - With LESS Stress Than Ever Before!

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You know the deal - it's New Year Resolution time…

People get excited about it every year (and rightfully so, it is one of my favorite times of year as well), but most people never actually ACHIEVE anything that they set out to do on the first of the year.

And it's sad really - I mean, think of what a great world we would live in if everyone followed through with each and every resolution they set for themselves!  We'd all be happier, healthier, have better relationships - the works!

So let's actually do that, shall we?


I have some really simple, but great advice for how you can make this year different - follow through and achieve your resolutions WITHOUT any added stress on yourself - in fact, you'll probably have less stress than you've ever had before!


Stop creating a list of 50 random things you want to do differently in your life.  That NEVER works.

Instead, think of your life more strategically.  Think about the different roles you play as a person or the different "areas" of your life.  And then figure out who you want to be in that area - how you want to show up.  Start there. 

Here is an example of the different areas you may consider:

      • Relationships (can be relationship with your spouse, your parents, your siblings, your children, even your coworkers, etc.)
      • Spiritual/Community 
      • Work/Financial
      • Health

That's it.  Keep it simple; keep it general. 

Now think about what kind of person you want to show up as in your personal relationships.  What kind of person do you want to be spiritually / or in your community?  What kind of professional do you want to be?  How do you want your health to serve you and your life's adventures?

That's it - that's 4 things!

Now…instead of 50 small "to-do" list resolutions - we have 4 areas that are ACTUALLY meaningful to you….now let's make them HUGE!  Larger than life - the type of life that you only ever DREAM about!

After all, that's the only thing you can get excited about, right?  Those larger than life dreams? 

You don't actually get excited about working out 4 x per week and eating salads every day for lunch.  So unless you have a big exciting reason as to WHY you're doing that, you won't actually do it for longer than a few days, or weeks if you're really lucky.  But then by March you will have forgotten about that resolution yet again…until next year.




Now you have to create a plan.  The difference is…planning is fun when you're planning for a big dream that makes you excited every time you think about it!

The key in this step is to NOT - ever - never ever get discouraged or overwhelmed as you do this.  It is NOT your job to criticize the process or to create stress that isn't even real yet.  DO NOT start analyzing or thinking about the amount of time it will take, or the amount of work - JUST break it down piece by piece UNTIL you get to the simplest form of task.




This is a favorite piece of advice from the legendary pianist, Johann Sebastian Bach.

When asked about how it is possible to create such masterpieces on the piano, Bach responded by saying,

"Just put your fingers on the right notes, at the right time, and let the instrument do the rest."

So profound.  And GENIUS!

That's how we should approach everything we "try" to do in life.  There is no "try", try is just an illusion of stress that we create.  We just need to put our fingers on the right notes at the right time, and ALLOW (a principle of the Tao that everyone should read about and practice more) the rest to happen.

Get yourself organized and structured properly and let the process do the work.


   The purpose of Step #1 is to give all of this reason - for you to have real meaning & motivation for your life's work. 

   Step #2 is all about getting yourself organized and structured properly - writing the music sheet, one note at a time.

   Then finally, Step #3 is just to put your fingers on the notes, and let the rest take care of itself. This is where the no stress comes into play.  By just putting your fingers on the notes and then allowing - you create zero stress for yourself while literally manifesting the life of your dreams.


So let's review -

Dream BIG, and only on the things that truly matter to YOU!  Then break that dream down, little by little, piece by piece.  It's like peeling the layers of an onion, you have to work through it one step at a time to be able to see how it can ever possible meet you where you currently are.  Then, just execute the plan one step at a time, and stay present each day on where you are! 


Nothing has ever happened in the past, and nothing has ever happened in the future.  Things can only happen in the present, so that is where your focus must be. 


Final thoughts….

Many people never even get started because they get stuck on Step #2 - they think about it too much, or they just get overwhelmed. 

And many more fall off the wagon after just a few weeks because they don't stay connected to their real "Why" from step #1.

Finally millions of people just keep STRUGGLING and grinding year after year without results because they aren't able to properly execute the "fingers on the notes".


No matter which category YOU fall into, we can help you!  All of the top people in the world have coaches because coaches have that bird's eye view and outsider's perspective that helps:

      1. You break down the seemingly insurmountable goals
      2. Discover the kinks in your plan by having an objective viewpoint
      3. Remind you of your Why and motivates and encourages you consistently
      4. Keep you accountable when day-to-day life wants to persuade you off your course

If you have a positive, can-do attitude, and dreams for improving your life - you'll probably be a great candidate for our coaching.

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