Air Fryer Product Review - Should You Get One? What Does It Do?

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If you follow us anywhere - on Instagram or Facebook - you've undoubtedly heard Fraser talking about his air fryer.  So what is this gadget?  How does it work?  And would it benefit you to get one?

An air fryer is loved by so many people because it cooks food and creates a texture almost identical to fried food, but without the need for any oil!!  An air fryer just circulates hot air, in a way similar to an over, instead of drowning your food in oil.

Of course, this will end up being way healthier for you and save you a lot of calories - which is a huge bonus for anyone trying to lose weight while still enjoying the taste of their food.

The air fryer works similarly to an oven, but it is smaller which means that it cooks faster, more efficiently, and without heating up your whole house.  The way the fan circulates the hot air at high speeds around the food creates that crispy layer that before, you could only get by deep frying.

When we first got ours, there were only a couple options available at our local store, but now there are literally tons of brands and varieties that you can get - even just ordering them from Amazon!

Watch the video below to see which air fryer we have, Fraser's lovely Vanna White demo, and some tips on our favorite foods to cook in our air fryer!

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