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These brownies are so yummy and are made with all healthy ingredients, so they can totally be worked into a Plant Strong Plan!


4 medjool dates
1 x can black beans
1 scoop protein powder
3 x pack stevia or 2tbsp lucuma powder
1x tsp vanilla extract
1x tbsp maca
1x tbsp nut milk


Preheat overn to 250F (will bake at 250F for 30-35mins, then 6-8mins at 350F).

- Drain black beans, rinse and add to blender. Make sure dates are pitted and chop them up into smaller pieces, add that to the blender too.
- Add 1 scoop of plant protein (we used a Vega Mocha flavor)
- Add stevia packs or lucuma powder, vanilla extract, maca and begin blending
- As the mixture thickens add 1 tbsp of nut milk and continue to blend, you want it to remain thick but mix will, so if need be add one more tbsp, but avoid making mixture runny.

Grease 8x8 pan and put mixture over half the surface area of the pan (this recipe doesn't fill up the whole pan). Place in oven and let cook. 250F for 30-35mins, then 6-8mins at 350F.

Once it is baked remove from heat and let it sit for 10mins to cool to make it easier to cut, serve up and enjoy!

Macro breakdown:

4 medjool dates - 1.75P / 72C - 265cal
1 x can black beans - 21.2P / 67C / 1.5F - 361cal
1 scoop Vega Mocha protein powder - 25P / 5C / 0.5F - 110cal
3 x pack stevia or 2tbsp lucuma powder - 0 (if stevia)
1x tsp vanilla extract - 0
1x tsp maca - 1P / 3C / - 15cal
1x tbsp nut milk - 2.5cal
Total - 49P / 147C / 2F - 753cal total
Serves 6 - 125.5cal - 8P / 24.5C / 0.3F

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