The Key To The Perfect Vegan Crumb - No Eggs Needed!

food Feb 05, 2018

Every time someone sees one of our food photos that involves crumbing, aka breading, we always get a million of the same question….


Well, we have the answer for you here, all my vegan friends.  And it is actually quite simple….

The solution to all your problems is the magic aquafaba!

What the heck is aquafaba?...

Well, like me, you probably have heard lots about it, but just didn’t call it that – aquafaba is just a fancy name for the water that is drained from your chickpeas. 

It works PERFECTLY as an egg substitute in many situations including baking, meringues, and now – crumbing too!

The consistency is usually perfect, but if yours seems a little too thin or runny, you can just reduce it slightly on the stove until it thickens into a stickier, egg-like consistency.

Now, the next key to the PERFECT CRUMB is not just the aquafaba alone….but this dandy little formula here:

 Flour ---> ‘Faba ---> Crumb

That’s your dredging order for miraculous crumbing success – Works every time! :)

Aquafaba is amazing – and amazingly, it does NOT make everything taste like chickpeas!

So get to experimenting with this awesome vegan tool and share some of your delicious creations with us! :) 

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