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Do you live in or near Houston, TX?  Or maybe you'll be traveling there, or just passing through...

Well, I've got a little list of yummy restaurants you might want to visit!

I was putting this list together for a client of ours (need plant-based coaching service like this? Email [email protected]!) who is a busy business person and eats out often during the week.  They are just transitioning to a plant-based diet (Yay!!!) so they probably aren't aware of how many awesome options they have nearby!

This research was making me soooo hungry and everything sounded so delicious that I wanted to share this list here on our blog for others to take advantage of as well.

So if you ever find yourself in Houston, TX, here are some great vegan food options to check out. :) 


Pepper Tree Veggie Cuisine

  • 3821 Richmond Ave (at Weslayan, near Kirby district), Houston, Texas, USA, 77027
  • Vegan Asian Food!
  • Tons of options here with dishes to order or even a buffet


Just Juice

  • 428 W Greens Rd (at I-45 N), Houston, Texas,USA, 77067
  • Good for juices and smoothies, but be aware most of the sandwiches are vegetarian not vegan (which means they include some dairy and/or eggs, usually in the mayo or veggie burger itself)


Green Seed Vegan

  • 4320 Almeda Rd, Houston, Texas, USA, 77004


Loving Hut - Houston

  • 2825 S Kirkwood Rd Ste 100, Houston, Texas,USA, 77082
  • Recommended Healthier Options:  #4 Spring Rolls, #5 BBQ Rolls, #10 Rainbow Salad, #12 Fabulous Pho, #13 Bun Hue, #15 Divine Curry Noodle, #17 Aulacese Hot & Sour Hot Pot, #18 Thai Tom Kha Hot Pot, #25 Loving Hut Wrap, #26 Heavenly Wrap, #43 Spicy Cha Cha, #44 Spicy Kung Pao, #45 Saigon Crispy Tofu, #38 Sweet & Sour Divine, #39 Veggie Tofu Delight, #40 Noble Broccoli, #41 Mongolian Wonder, #42, Delectable Eggplant, #48 VE-VEG Delight, #49 Tofu Deluxe.


Quan Yin


Rip Cuisine – Food Truck

  • Click here to Find the Truck
  • Healthier Options:  Beet Falafel Plate, Krabby Patty (not sure if this comes on bread or not), Kale Salad, Chilaquiles


The Garden Kitchen

  • Garden Kitchen    10480 Main St.   Houston, Texas 77025     832-350-7534
  • Recommended Healthier Options:  Guacomole, Corn Salad, Cuac-Tac, Any Salad, You can order burgers on a “lettuce bun”, any wraps & rolls
  • You can even Place An Online Order!


Beet Box Blend Bar


And that’s just a start!  I chose only to include the places with a “vegan” label (except for Beet Box and Just Juice which were labeled vegetarian) but there are even plenty more places labeled “vegetarian” but who also have vegan options and even traditional restaurants who are “veg-friendly” or have vegan options available.  You can view all of those as well here

And if you need help finding plant-based options in other areas, check out the Happy Cow App that you can download directly to your phone!

I hope this helps you out and keeps your veg-belly full! :)  If you try out any of these places, let us know in the comments below what dishes you had and how you like the place!  We look forward to hearing your favorites! :)

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