training transformation

Hey Ladies!...

That 3 sets of 10 stuff is BULLSH*T!

Yes, it needed to be said.

Lots of ladies (and men to be honest) train at the same intensity as their Sunday Stroll through the local shopping mall!

And lots of cookie cutter plans and Pinterest workouts just throw reps and sets together without any real purpose. They just throw together whatever they can easily fit on an infographic.

Then women take these things on as their workouts and wonder why they don't get the results they want... you know, like the bikini competitor/model whose picture they put in the background....

That stuff is bologna! (and bologna isn't vegan, so...)

Ladies, you are capable of so much more and it is FUN when you discoverwhat you're really capable of!

My training today felt so amazing! And on just one of many exercises, I did as many as 11 sets, not reps, sets. (If you're a beginner and don't understand the difference between the two, definitely click the link at the end of this).  

I varied the weights, kept the rest intervals short and really pushed until I literaly could no longer lift 5 pounds.

I huffed and puffed and grunted and didn't look pretty, but I FELT badass and the results that come from this type of training or equally as fun!

You don't have to be lifting heavy weights to follow these principals either.
You can do all the same with very light weights and even bodyweight!

No excuses!

Ladies, if you need help understanding your training better,
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And message me for coaching, plans, or additional help if you need it. :)

| LB

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